Chad Valley Designabear

The Chad Valley Designabear is a great idea for young children. The basis of this gift is that this is a toy that can be personalised by your child. The Designabear comes all on its own with the idea that your child can accessorise the bear with different teddy bear clothing. Kids love nothing more than dressing up, and they can dress up and dress their bear up at the same time now!

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If you prefer, you can buy the Designabear along with a few examples of clothes for the bear and watch in delight as your daughter picks and chooses the clothes she wants to see the bear in! You can buy any of the bears, along with a costume and an accessory for a great bundle price and the beauty of this gift is that your child can add to the costumes and accessories in the months to come when she might have become bored of the gift! You will find dozens of different accessories available for the Designabear. You can choose from a casual outfit, a Designabear bedtime set, a Designabear winter outfit, and there are plenty of accessory packs such as the Designabear mobile phone accessory kit and the Designabear Bedtime accessory kit, with lots more besides.

This present is proving to be one of the years’ most popular toys, so as you can imagine, the levels of stock are dwindling. If you think that this might be the perfect gift for your child then you need to make your purchase as soon as possible.

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